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This is not the site to create a repertoire record or sign up for a jury time. Each school has a unique prefix to .jury-system.com. Check with your applied teacher or administrator for the correct URL.

Use this form to create an institutional account that will be used to subscribe to the Jury-System and for administrative emails. This is not the place to sign up for a jury time or create a repertoire record.

If you are a student signing up for a jury or audition, you need to go to your school's subdomain, not this site. If you are unsure of the URL, please check with your instructor.

One time, non-refundable setup fee for a new subscription to The Jury-Systemâ„¢

USD 150.00

Access to The Jury-Systemâ„¢ for one year, including two (or three if on quarters) rounds of juries.

USD 300.00 for 1 year


Each school has a prefix (a subdomain name) before .jury-system.com in the URL.
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