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Use this form to create an institutional account that will be used to subscribe to the Jury-System and for administrative emails. This is not the place to sign up for a jury time or create a repertoire record.

If you are a student signing up for a jury or audition, you need to go to your school's subdomain, not this site. That URL will be in the form of If you are unsure of the URL, please check with your instructor.

A one year subscription to The Jury-System, allowing for two (for semester schools) or three (for quarter schools) rounds of juries and auditions. The price is determined by the number of users expected to be active within the duration of the subscription.

Please select the appropriate level:

Number of active users Cost per year
Fewer than 100 $350
100-249 $450
250-500 $550
More than 500 $650

If you are renewing an existing  subscription, you can see the current number of active users of your site on the "Contact Info" tab. Your current subscription is for New Account users at USD 350.00 for one year. If this number has changed, please use the "upgrade" options below to select the appropriate level.

One time, non-refundable setup fee for a new subscription to The Jury-System™, with Single Sign-On.

USD 650.00

One time, non-refundable setup fee for a new subscription to The Jury-System™, without Single Sign-On.

USD 300.00

One time, non-refundable setup fee to integrate Single Sign-On to an existing Jury-System installation.

USD 450.00

Setup for a free, one semester trial subscription to The Jury-System™. 

To choose this option, you must have submitted the Trial Subscription Request Form and have been notified that your request has been approved.

Free for 4 months
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