The Jury-System is  a web application operated as Software as a Service (SaaS) — an internet connection is all the infrastructure you need! Clients subscribe to the system and get their own subdomain of jury-system.com that is a fully customized, SSL encrypted (https) website set up to make juries and auditions as easy as possible on all participants. Questions? Contact us either online or at 575-517-9044.

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What the Jury-System administration does:

  • We create a secure subdomain for each client, such as https://your-school.jury-system.com and make that the starting point for your system.
  • We prepare repertoire record and evaluation forms to client's specifications - each client can have as many different versions of each as needed.
  • We set up exam or audition schedules and signup forms as desired by the client, including number of slots, length of slots, starting and ending times, break times, dates, etc.
  • We administer user accounts, granting faculty access to those designated by the client.
How it works:
  • Login credentials can be created from scratch or subscribers may choose to integrate it with an institutional Single Sign-On system.
  • Students schedule their jury exams and create repertoire records on the website.
  • Jury members click on a student's name in the schedule to open the repertoire record and an evaluation form.
  • Jury comments and grading are done on a laptop or tablet and results are emailed to the student and his or her teacher, or any other addresses as desired.
  • Frequently used comments can be stored for each jury member and inserted into an evaluation with a single click.
  • Musical symbols and for vocalists, IPA symbols, can be inserted into the evaluation forms. 
  • Results are also stored in the website database and can be exported in a variety of formats if desired.