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This is not the site to create a repertoire record or sign up for a jury time. Each school has a unique prefix to .jury-system.com. Check with your applied teacher or administrator for the correct URL.

Plans & Pricing

The Jury-System is offered on an annual subscription basis. The initial setup fee is required for new subscribers.

Initial Setup — $150

  • creation of subdomain and a customized Jury-System software installation
  • formatting of up to eight sets of repertoire record and evaluation forms (winds/brass, strings, percussion, voice, keyboard, for example)
  • addition and configuration of all necessary faculty accounts
  • creation of up to 25 one-click-to-enter text snippets

One year subscription —  $300

Six month subscription — $200

All subscriptions include:

  • Immediate availability of the system for students to begin constructing repertoire records
  • Adding and configuring and editing as necessary of all faculty accounts
  • Constructing student booking calendars for auditions and juries to client specs
  • Adding any necessary notices, reminders or instructions to the site
  • Customer Support through a ticket system or by email

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Each school has a prefix (a subdomain name) before .jury-system.com in the URL.
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