In an effort to be fair to smaller departments/schools and at the same time compensate for rising costs associated with hosting, licensing and added features for The Jury-System™, we are implementing a new fee structure that will take effect for new subscribers and on each existing subscriber's next renewal. We are introducing a four-tier price structure based on the number of active users of each subscriber's system over the most recent year.

Existing subscribers can see their current number of active users  by logging in to this site and selecting "Profile" from the main menu. New subscribers are asked to make their best estimate of the number of users.

One Year Subscriptions

Including auditions and with or without single sign-on

Fewer than 100 active users: $350
100-249 active users: $450
250-499 active user: $550
500 or more active users: $650

Setup fees will better reflect the actual cost of creating a new site, especially for single sign-on, but after the initial charge, single sign-on costs no more than an internally authenticated site and the auditions scheduling add-on is included.

One Time Setup Fees:

Single Sign-On site creation: $650
Internal Authentication site creation: $300
Adding single sign-on to existing site: $450

These changes will take effect July 1, 2022.